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Till Death

In the year 2010, the state of La Cosa Nostra in Sicily is going through a drastic upheaval. With factions comming in from all over the world and alliances being shaken up, families merging and general chaos in mafia society, this seems like the perfect time for a vaction, right? With all of the backstabbing, muder and theivery left behind them on the mainland, the Mafia's most influentential families take a trip to the all Mafia resort island appropriately titles "Mafia Land".

The vacation that was supposed to last only for a few weeks at the most, however, ends up being a lot longer when the mafioso find themselves unable to leave the island, even as more and more families keep arriving. Try as they might and no matter how many times they swim or row out into the ocean they will inevitably end up back at Mafia Land.
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KHR Characters taken: Gokudera Hayato, Spanner, Gamma, Chrome Dokuro


So, apparently I'm becomming obsessed with RPGs again. 

So I what I want to know (for the two others watching this community other than myself) is if you guys would be interested joining a KHR rpg?

It would take place on LJ and would be a crossover between KHR and Baccano, essentially, issues between the different Mafia families in the two series.

So that would mean:

The Vongola
The Cavallone
The Tomaso
The Gospella
The Giglinero
The Gesso
The Gandor
The Russo
and The Prochainezo, including all of the characters from both series that are relatively nuetral or those are only loosely allied with the families from they're series. 

Ever since I started watching KHR, it's been sort of a...thing with me that I would like to see it crossed with Baccano, anyone else ever felt that way? Anyone interested in RPing it? Lemme know!

Boys and Girls keep it real!!

To all the 8059 fans who followed the link on the crunchyroll page I say: Okairi! And to those just joining us for the first time, having stumbled upon the page on a search for KHR! communities or using one of the boys tags, I say: Yokoso! This is my formal introduction as one of the moderators of the group, I'll let the others make their own if they want. 

So, quickly, The list of mods is as follows: Alice_CAI

More will be added as we add mods but that's the list for now. 

The purpose of this community, as stated on CR is to facilitate our contests and other things that are just too hard to host on CR. If anyone wants to enter the contests that we post on the front page then entries go here and they will be linked on the CR page. 

Same rules as on the CR group apply here:

*No spamming
*No advertising of sexual content
*No flaming (if you don't like the pairing, don't visit the group)


That's about it. I don't believe the bios of 80 and 59 are necessary here since you wouldn't have wandered over here if you didn't know who the focus was on. 

So, well, have fun participating in the contests, I know I will be and I look forward to seeing everyones work!